Eccentric Bookshelf Ideas for your Home

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Furniture is one of the few things that has a strong say in the aesthetics of the house. While people who are ignorant of their surroundings may give less importance to such things, they cannot be ignored for the functionality they offer. There are many types of furniture, some of which are discussed more than the others. The bookshelf is one furniture item that is not discussed enough within most groups of people, but this is just because it is an item which captures attention only when people are in need of it. This is obviously not the case for people who are into books, whether they are fiction or nonfiction books. The modern book rack design is also pretty popular as a collector’s item as many such designs are pretty aesthetic themselves. Obviously such aesthetics depend heavily on the individual’s personal taste of how things in their house should look and feel, and many such seemingly eccentric ideas have become famous.

Aesthetics by definition is very subjective, that is, depends heavily on the individual. This does not mean that manufacturers are completely unaware of how to create furniture like a book rack pleasing to a group of individuals. They rely on cultural variables that dictate aesthetics in particular groups. But the most unique combination of bookshelf placement and choice of functionality can only be achieved when the customer spends enough time researching through some effective ideas that fit well with their home and their choice of furniture. While larger furniture items like dining table and sofa have physical limitations for their placement, the much smaller bookshelf has almost no such limitation. This is very advantageous and if used correctly can create a unique space that can be used for relaxation or studying effectively. This space will also look attractive to people who may visit your house and inspire them to make something similar in their own house.

Art of Placing bookshelves in your house in an attractive eccentric fashion

While it may look very simple, designing a space in your house is much harder than you expect, especially if you are inexperienced in doing it. In this blog we shall look at all the ways that can help you create an eccentric yet attractive space when it comes to choosing a certain bookshelf design and placing them in your house.

Make your bookshelf easily accessible

An easily accessible bookshelf becomes important if people are to notice and enjoy its presence. This is why when trying to pick a wooden book rack, you must always pick an easily accessible design for your home. Vertically stacked bookshelves placed in the living room are both easily accessible and catch attention, but are able to hold only a limited number of books. They can still be of huge aesthetic value, but if you’re an avid reader other designs like bookshelves that can act also like a side or coffee tables are preferable. These have smartly designed compartments that can hold your favorite books, newspapers or magazines.

Prefer a modular design

Modular design refers to a design principle that gives importance to easy expansion or addition of functionality or parts to a particular item. From many years, this has become an attractive and much requested practice in furniture design. This is obviously incredibly helpful if you are looking for a bookshelf and also worried about space that might be completely taken if you keep on adding books you like to it. It is easily recognizable by its smooth look and modern bookshelf appearance. By actively asking furniture manufacturers about variations in modular book almirah designs, you can get the right kind of furniture for your home without worrying about it being insufficient for your book collection.

Pick wall mounted bookshelves

If your aesthetic taste is higher, you may want to choose the wall mounted bookcase design that can showcase your books to your visitors in a splendid manner. This is because the wall mounted bookshelves force people to look in its direction while still being accessible and protecting books and magazines through glass doors. Bookshelf with glass door is popular, although wooden doors are most commonly used in all types of bookshelves. There are many aesthetic variants even in the wall mounted design, and it is up to the user’s choice to pick between them.

Prefer a unique but attractive design

Bookshelves can be custom designed and one of the few furniture items that have innumerable design variants. If you want your bookshelf to be attractive, you should choose a unique design that is useful both functionally and for aesthetic purposes. You can mix and match the colors of the bookshelf with the room color to increase its aesthetic appeal. You can choose unique designs like the circular bookshelf or a similar unique shape that fits well with your room that you may want to put your bookshelf in. You can also choose unconventional materials like fibres to make up your bookshelf unlike wood, which is the most common bookshelf material.

It is important to say that one of the above must be given emphasis over the constraints like size and quality of the furniture, as these can be more important for the bookshelf when long term use is concerned. It is easy to tell which bookshelves are sturdy so most customers may not find this a problem.


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