Do You Need a Sofa Cum Bed?

Sofa cum bed Sofa cum bed

Living room furniture takes the highest spot in all different kinds of furniture. This is because living rooms are one of the primary places that are in the spotlight for guests and important meetings. Whenever guests and important meetings aren’t occurring in the house, the living room transforms itself into a place of relaxation for most individuals or sometimes is used for recreational and entertainment activities. Such a varied function requires a lot of different types of furniture items in the room. With most furniture being a one time investment it can be hard to choose the type of furniture you want and harder still to choose between the varieties that may be offered by your furniture provider. It is here where modular furniture like the sofa bed becomes incredibly important. Sofa beds or sofa cum beds are a class of sofas that can transform themselves. They can transform with very little effort to a fully comfortable bed within minutes right in the living room much to the owner’s delights.

Not every living room needs a sofa cum bed. Most sofa beds are highly modular, which means they prioritize functionality over anything else. They are generally not suitable for an extravagant display of aesthetic capability. Designer sofas and couches may offer more of such features for people who require such a living room. There are many different advantages of sofa cum beds over normal sofas. People need to know these advantages and also the general differences between them to understand and choose their furniture effectively. Modern modular furniture is often designed in such a way that it can be paired with other living room furniture like a centre table, coffee table, or bookshelf. In this blog, we shall look at all the instances wherein one may need sofa beds as opposed to normal wooden sofas, and how they can help solve certain problems that arise in modern homes.

Advantages of the Modern Sofa Cum Bed

There are many advantages of modern sofa beds over the normal wooden sofa which has had a long household name. By looking at the advantages of the modern version of the sofa and understanding the differences, one can easily see if they need a sofa ensign that is modular in their home

It preserves space

The main advantage of a sofa cum bed over any other corner sofa you may have in the living room is that it takes less space than the latter in your living room. Don’t get this wrong and think they are smaller than the traditional sofas, as this is not the case. They can be very similar looking in terms of appearance or size to traditional living room furniture when they are fully expanded. When they transform themselves into a bed, the size is comparable to a usual bed that is designed solely for the bedroom. If your home is not that forgiving on space, you can buy this type of furniture to help preserve space. Preserving space frees you to get other essential items or be more aesthetic towards your home.

Can have additional uses

Sofa beds can have additional uses apart from functioning just as a sofa and as a bed. Like the L shape sofa, they are designed with many caveats and are well suited to the modern home. Storage spaces are a wonderful example of this, wherein certain types of sofa beds have storage spaces embedded in them, although on the outside, it can be hard to tell. This is paired with their modularity and there is a considerable degree of freedom available as to how much storage spaces can be used. Comfort is however not sacrificed in this pursuit of functionality. Most sofa cum beds provide comfortable back support both in their sofa and bed form.

Easy modifications are possible

Modifications on this new type of sofa are designed to be easy. Need an accurately sized mattress? Easily available in the stores. Need your sofa to be decorated for a special occasion? Your sofa owners can point you to attractive cushion configurations that can offer superior comfort. If you want to change the placement of the furniture, it can be done quite easily as most of the newer designs are made of lightweight but strong materials that can be moved easily. Aesthetics are not compromised but enhanced in new designs by modern manufacturing processes.

Easy to clean and maintain

Most families these days are busy and thus don’t want to make time cleaning their living room furniture. Therefore the modern sofa set is made easy to clean and maintain. The cushions and mattresses are already made hypoallergenic, which means they are dust resistant. They are also sturdy and not affected by temperature or moisture changes. Joints of the sofa cum beds responsible for their transformation are made extra strong and require little to no maintenance. As far as cleaning is concerned, the most any modern living room furniture needs is a dry clean, which can be done by using just a traditional vacuum cleaner.


While small spaces are increasingly being sold for higher prices, Furniture like sofas is incorporating new functionality in them. While being a normal looking sofa most of the time, they can transform themselves into beds when needed without too much hustle. This helps people save essential space while keeping the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the household intact. Modular furniture like that also helps design more innovative products by inspiring furniture designers. Royaloak is a premier Indian furniture seller online which sells a variety of different furniture including the sofa cum bed. We sell living room, outdoor, kitchen, and bedroom furniture. We also sell lots of furniture that is popular in other countries or stylized similarly to other cultures. American, European, middle eastern, and East Asian furniture is available here. We also provide free delivery and installation of every furniture order that is placed on us. 


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