Diverse Types of Bookshelves And Their Features For Your Home

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A bookshelf is a piece of furniture that is designed to organize different books, magazines and other accessories. It has different cabinets with horizontal shelves for storing books and other small items. Bookshelves find their special position inside the libraries, however, booklovers have a major collection of books, novels, and many others.

Bookshelves are a significant piece of furniture that finds its place in any part of the house such as the bedroom, living and so forth. One of the most favourable materials of bookshelf design is solid wood and engineered wood. Different bookshelves have their own features and are meant to protect the books from moisture, dust and other weather conditions.   


Diverse Types of Bookshelves And Their Features For Your Home

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of bookshelves and their features for which they serve various functional aspects of the home. Several bookshelf designs have their characteristics, some are made from glass doors while some are open, some are covered and many more. 


Bookshelves are the relevant shelving systems that are specially built and designed to store different book collections for display and protect from open-air, moisture and harsh weather conditions. Bookshelf designs are available in several designs, styles as well as materials such as plastic, glass, metal, and wood. 


Types Of Bookshelf For Decor Preference

Bookshelves are known for their great storage options. A well-organized bookshelf adds excellent warmth to your rooms. Showcasing the book collections on your bookshelf communicates a lot about your personality, choice and preferences. 


Corner Floating Bookshelves 

The corner floating shelves are perfect for increasing storage in your home space. It takes very little space on the wall and leaves ample space for other furniture items. This type of corner bookshelf system can be effectively hung on the wall and installed on the floor. The bookshelves are generally made with solid wood, engineered wood and MDF, that can be installed in any space of the home. In addition to serving functional value, they also add to the aesthetics of the home decor. 


Floating Shelving System

A floating wall bookshelf is specially designed to display books floating over walls. They are generally made from wood that is effectively supported by brackets. This kind of floating bookshelf design is mostly needed to hold lightweight books such as magazines, short stories, comic books that are available in distinct sizes, shapes and colours. Floating bookshelves help to maximize storage space and leave enough space for other small furniture pieces. They are known for their features which enable them to hang on the wall and the brackets generally remain hidden behind the shelves.


Built-in Bookshelf Designs 

One of the most common bookshelf designs is the built-in shelves. It can be fitted to the corner of the house. As the simplest form of the bookshelf type, this can be seamlessly installed and has ample time to organize many book collections. 


Cubic Bookshelf 

If you are looking for a bookshelf for your children that has something to offer more than just storage furniture, a cubic bookcase is an attractive bookshelf design that brings an aesthetic touch to the space where it is installed. A cubic book rack design can serve as the statement piece bringing in a decorative touch to the home decor. The different perks of the cubic shelving systems include highlighting the teacup collection, displaying achievement awards, trophies and so forth. A number of unique collections, antiques and other items can be showcased with this book rack design.


Geometric Bookshelf Designs

Geometric modern book rack designs are getting popular in recent times. In any modern and industrial home decor, this can be easily accommodated depicting an artistic vision. A geometric bookrack is popular for its stark features such as modern framing, stark lines and so forth. The individualized display of the decorative pieces makes it aesthetically pleasing. Making space for the effortless organization by category provides open storage space for viewing of books, easy selection, and others.      


As per decorative pieces, it helps to organize books in decent order and unique context. It can be combined with different other furniture pieces for a contemporary appeal. It acts as a unique organizer to store binders, books, reference materials and other documents. Additionally, it comes with diverse capacities that enable it to flexibly fit into any space. 


Bookshelf With Drawers

Some homeowners look for extra storage units where they can prefer some concealed storage units to the items they want to hide. It not only eliminates clutters inside home space and also helps in giving easy access to the files and documents. It serves as a distinct space where you could tuck away and conceal.   


The bookshelf design with drawers serves as an amalgamation of the closed and open storage and functionality of both systems. It offers an aesthetic appeal to the space and matches all kinds of home decor. Apart from rendering an approachable appeal with style blends, it is perfect for display as well as storage. One of the many benefits of a bookshelf with additional drawers is it can accentuate any kind of home decor from traditional to modern and rejuvenates the home space with a distinctive approach. 


Study Table With Bookshelf

 The Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to settle down in their homes and do home offices for a long time. Some need a bookshelf and a study cum office table too as most booklovers are spending their leisure time reading their favourite piece and working during work hours.

 However, investing in both pieces of furniture at a time can be expensive. Royaloak has brought to you a unique collection of study table with bookshelf collections which will serve multipurpose usage of both office tables and bookshelves for the organization of books. 



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