Distinct Types of Mattresses That Are In Trend

Distinct Types of Mattresses That Are In Trend

Selecting a mattress that can exactly retain its width and length or softness is often stressful. The right kind of mattress has a long impact on your life. It can improve your sleep and make your mornings so refreshing and cheerful. However, with the many types of mattresses it has become confusing to choose the one required for your way of sleeping. Way of sleeping and sleep postures are the biggest factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right kind of mattress. And from sleeping postures narrowing down to quality, cost, and comfort, all become different factors while selecting the best mattress. In this blog, we will discuss the different kinds of mattresses that are popular and in trend so that you can have a clear idea of the mattresses that are available for beds.

Different Mattress Types with Functionality

Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam mattresses are one of the popular mattresses that have been available in different countries. The memory foam mattress is the one that moulds to the body shape and postures that you take while sleeping. It is sensitive to heat and pressure while gradually bouncing back with the elimination of the pressure. Widely used for mattress manufacturing, this technique has gained emphasis since the time it was invented by NASA as aircraft cushions. It provides additional comfort and softness administering relief to joint pain, back pain, and so forth. Owing to its resistance to dust mites and heat-absorbing capacity, it is highly useful in warmer climatic areas. This type of mattress is highly recommended for side sleepers.   

Latex Mattresses

Are you looking for a double bed mattress? Then your search ends here as Royaloak is the one-stop platform for all your mattress requirements. The latex mattress is made from natural materials and the main foundation lies in its natural resource. It is preffered choice of customers as a result of its durability and comfortable nature. Latex mattresses work in a similar mechanism as that of memory foam producing a ‘sinking in sensation’ feeling and bounce-backs. This type of mattress is created with latex that essentially comes from a rubber plant. If you are searching for a sustainable biodegradable product that can last for a long time along with comfort, then this is your best choice. 

Innerspring Mattress

Since the early 1900s, innerspring mattresses have become popular and also one of the bestselling mattress all across the world. These are commonly made of steel coil compress and administer internal support improving the sleep quality. One can opt for single or connected spring mattresses. These are highly affordable mattress and are easily available. One can get this mattress online with the Royaloak furniture brand in India. They are the premier sellers of international and national designer mattress from all across the country. 

Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are common by the name ‘euro top mattress’ and have different inches of a thick layer of padding amalgamated with innerspring. This kind of spring mattress administers effective comfort with the amount of padding that they proffer. One can select the material type for the pillow-top mattresses. The reason behind its highest usage is that it offers additional comfort, extra benefit from cooling to bounce, and durability. The material framework of such a mattress can be foam, latex, memory foam, cotton, fibre film, and many more. They are completely worth buying as they have a cooling effect, firmness, and are easily washable.  

Coir Mattress

The coir mattress as the name suggests is mainly of coir and provides extensive comfort. Created with natural materials and elements, it comes with a unique knitted fabric. Coir mattresses give an excellent sleeping experience as it is infused with rubber materials and is also an eco-friendly product. Owing to its quilt layer, ACD, and VCT, it is mostly preferred among families.

Poly Foam Mattress

These kinds of mattresses are one of the cost-effective mattress solutions. Polyfoam is often used by manufacturers to give the top layer of the spring mattress. The polyfoam mattress is of lesser density and thus it is quite convenient to ship as well as compress, making it budget-friendly for purchase. If you are looking for a single bed mattress, then this can be your great choice as this comes in a pocket-friendly range and you can easily afford it for your single bed.  

Hybrid Mattress

Are you looking for a king size mattress for your bed? Then your search ends in this destination. The hybrid mattress is an amalgamation of innerspring mattress comprising memory foam or latex. In this kind of mattresses, the framework is made with inner coils connected with the softness of memory foam. This, in turn, gives instant comfort, bounce effect, firmness as well as softness together. This kind of mattress is a perfect fit for a king size or queen size bed.  

Gel Mattress 

Gel mattresses are those kinds of mattress ranges that are infused with gel and have gained popularity as it gets combined with memory foam. This type of mattress provides ample support while sleeping. The gel amalgamated with a memory foam mattress helps to maintain a cool temperature within the mattress and does not absorb heat.  


While buying mattresses make sure that you are well-researched about the product that you are going to buy. By gathering all the information about the product and the right fit for your requirements, one can choose the right type of mattress. Royaloak is the largest furniture retailer platform and is one of the best mattress brands in India that gives ample flexibility to customers to browse different items and then choose them. It provides premium quality mattresses and furniture to customers all across the country. Beds can be of varied sizes like single, double bed, king size bed, and queen size, you can get all kinds of mattresses of all sizes.

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