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Design, at least in theory is the process of making sure the behaviour of a particular product or environment goes according to our requirements. The design’s efficacy is determined when the design is tested in a real world environment. Design is not only limited to functionality, and is also applied to the more vast world of aesthetics and beauty. When furniture design is concerned, both functionality and aesthetics matter. If one only focuses on functionality, the other may not like to use such a bedroom design. On the other hand, an aesthetic king size bed is of no use if it does not function as a user’s wants. The functionality here is measured by the amount of comfort the bedroom and the bed in particular can provide for its user. Space constraint modifications and portability are also fundamental for comfort and come under the design of functionality.

The bedrooms that are present in most modern houses in particular can have lots of design requirements and varied purposes according to the requirements. The requirements can be set by each individual’s aesthetic preference, their circumstances or culture. Usually the combination of such elements decide what design a person will go for. For example a family with children may need kids beds, while a room with space constraints is best dealt with a folding bed. It is important to note that when you  are picking furniture design for your actual bedroom, your design may differ due to these reasons that are mentioned. In this blog we shall take a look at design practices that are well suited for most of us, and we’ll try to cover reasons as to why such designs must be used, and their particular advantages in the long and short term.

How you should pick furniture design for your bedroom

As we have said before, furniture design includes the choice of furniture, placement in the room and aesthetic preferences. Sometimes the design is also chosen to be as good as possible and flexible so that, if any circumstances in the environment change, like the presence of more or less number of people in the bedroom it can be changed. Following are tips for you to best design your modern bedroom in which you can place a range of different beds, most popular of those being the double bed used in most homes.

Have good ventilation

This is one of the most overlooked parts of the bedroom design and it is overlooked because most often people who design the bedroom are looking for how to set up what is inside the bedroom or sometimes they still keep on deciding which items will make for more functional or aesthetic uses. Without good ventilation either using natural or artificial sources like a ventilation system, even a comfortable designer bed will not help someone get a good sleep.

Make sure the lighting is on point

This is another important part of bedroom design which is often overlooked. In the beginning, one must examine all light sources which are natural and place the beds in a sufficiently comfortable distance from it. Having a good double or a single bed with a strong wooden framework will help against any damage that can be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Artificial lighting should be placed so that eyestrain does not occur.

Take care of your comfort

This is one of the most important aspects of bedroom design, and as such anyone who wants to have a good bedroom design must know how to do it in a manner that will increase the comforts of the user. This means the design should include the right choice of bed, mattresses and functional utility like storage units. If space constraint is not an issue, an individual can go have a queen size bed with storage. If there are space constraints, one can go with bunk beds or foldable varieties.

Maintain cleanliness

The bedroom must be made easy to clean by design. Having furniture items that help with it are some of the first places one can start to make sure of such a thing. The floor or wall must not be made of absorbent materials, and the beds chosen must be capable of dust repellant mechanisms and provide options for easy maintenance. Having additional items like rugs (which are incredibly helpful) and replaceable mattresses and bed sheets help reduce dust in the environment. Regardless of whether you have bunk beds for children or multiple single beds for adults, a clean bedroom can facilitate healthy sleep patterns any time of the year.

Prepare for new situations

It is not set in stone how many guests you may receive if there is a festival or any other similar occasion in your family. This is why it is important to plan ahead for such situations. A bedroom must always have room for an extra bed. An extendable or modular furniture choice like a folding bed that helps solve such problems can also be used by families. Portability is also a concern if moving is considered, so lightweight furniture items which are also aesthetic and durable across most seasons should be selected.


Aesthetics are a big part of bedroom design and other parts of design include the placement, lighting and comfort of the furniture. When the design is perfect, family members enjoy it the most and furniture can be put to better use. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller that sells all kinds of furniture online. The furniture that they sell include some of the best master bedroom furniture like the designer bed and the best mattresses and rugs. They also sell other types of furniture such as dining tables, sofa sets, and outdoor furniture. All furniture that is ordered from RoyalOak will be delivered free of cost. We even provide installation services with free delivery.


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