Different Types of Wooden Furniture

Wooden sofaWooden sofa

Furniture is one of the most important things in the house, and it has been that way for quite some time. This is because it helps make functions around the house easy, and makes the house welcoming to any guest that may be coming to the house. It is however the most helpful for people who use the furniture regularly. As such there are many categories of furniture, and these relate to their placement in the home. The most commonly divided form of furniture categorization can be done in this manner. Living room furniture, outdoor furniture, bedroom furniture and dining furniture are well known even among common people. The furniture can also be divided as daily used furniture items that are used for a specific purpose and decor items, the latter being mostly bringing the aesthetically pleasing environment inside the house. Every furniture item, be it a designer wooden bed or a living room sofa can be categorized in this manner.

There are however other modes of categorizing furniture items which are less known to the common folk. One of the other ways of categorizing furniture is based on material. If one is to categorize this way, one discovers that most furniture items have been primarily made of wood. Wooden furniture is made from processing naturally occurring wood from various trees. They have different strength and aesthetic properties based on the chosen trees. Nowadays, materials like engineered wood have been prepared that allow for greater strength or unique properties. A popular example of engineered wood is plywood, that is made by stacking layers of processed natural wood together. Wooden furniture presents itself in many different areas of the home from the usual wooden bed to the modern entertainment units present in the living room.

The Many Uses of wooden furniture

Wood has been the go to element when it comes to furniture manufacturing. The following are the many categories where wooden furniture are available, and you will see that in each category, processing and manufacturing is done a bit differently. 

Living room and bedroom furniture

Wooden living room and bedroom furniture has been common since the invention of furniture. However the modern wooden sofa is starkly different from the sofas of earlier times. In modern times, both living room and bedroom furniture are made of wood that is highly durable and resistant to environmental changes. Living room and bedroom furniture made of wood also emphasize aesthetics in them, and the material used is a big part of it. Using sheesham wood, many manufacturers give the very best of wooden furniture in the living room.

Dining room furniture

Dining room furniture is different from living room or bedroom furniture because it has to deal with moisture on a daily basis. Thus wooden furniture that is common in the dining room has this property. It can be because of the natural property of the chosen wood or because of the excellent and innovative manufacturing techniques performed on the wood. The modern wooden dining set usually has a lining of plastic on it to prevent it from moisture exposure. This helps the dining furniture to retain its aesthetic properties given by wood.

Multifunctional furniture

Most modern multifunctional furniture uses wood as its main material. Most of it is engineered wood, as it can be designed to operate in the specific design requirements that is required by multifunctional furniture items. These requirements usually tend to be both high flexibility and high strength. Engineered wood can also be made aesthetic and modular, the latter of which is required in many multifunctional furniture items. The modern L shape sofa and the sofa cum bed are a good example of multifunctional wooden furniture. They are made of wood that can handle stress in various ways.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture or patio furniture is another area where wooden furniture can repeatedly be found. The wood here is made of strong and sturdy structure and rightfully so because it should withstand harsh weather conditions that are often present outside. Wooden desks, dining tables and chairs are common outdoor furniture items in homes that have outdoor furniture items. They must, however, be given protection from environmental factors as even the best engineered wood can fail if repeatedly exposed to harsh weather.

Decor items

Decor items are the final area where wood has been and still is a primary material of choice for manufacturers. Many types of wood are especially aesthetic, and hence are used for decor furniture items. Coffee tables,  used by kids, designer side tables and bookshelves. The wood may be paired up with other materials like glass in many decor items to increase the aesthetics of the item. This is a usual technique of manufacturers that is incredibly effective and people looking to get decor items should buy such mixed material furniture.


Wooden furniture items are fairly common, but not many people know enough about them to make a good shopping decision. This is why it is essential to know how different categories of furniture items are built differently by different kinds of wood. Although this can be hard, one can at least look for the right wooden furniture properties when they are buying them for specific purposes. One should also pick the right store to buy their furniture from, so that whether they buy the next glass top dining table or the wooden office chair, they can be sure to get the best value in their investment.  RoyalOak is the premier furniture seller in India. We sell all kinds of furniture, like living room, bedroom, dining furniture and decor items. We also sell culturally variant furniture items similar to the ones found in America, Europe, Middle East, and East Asia. These are sold exclusively in our store and you can get them for an affordable price. We also have no delivery or installation charges if you buy our furniture online.

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