Different Types of Small Furniture Items in the Living Room


There are many different types of furniture that are most commonly used in a particular home. The furniture varies in aesthetics and functions as one moves between different rooms of a house. The living room in particular requires different kinds of furniture because it is one of the places in a house which is often centre of activity of the home. Furniture pieces that serve a particular utility are important furniture items that must be present in the house. Magazine rack, coffee tables and telephone stands are some of the important small furniture 

Small furniture, in particular, can be difficult to buy correctly as there are innumerable options of such furniture available. The choice of such furniture must depend on the functional aspects of such furniture, its capacity and aesthetic aspects. The aesthetics differ widely among different types of small furniture. These must be decided upon after mixing and matching the characteristics of the house with the furniture. Some are built for a wide variety of functional uses (like the TV stand table), and others have more of an aesthetic purpose to them. There can be lots of confusion when trying to purchase small furniture. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed the most popular of such furniture and how it could add value to your home.

Different type of Small furniture and their uses

This blog will focus on the most popular small living room furniture and its uses. Most of the furniture discussed here also have many varieties in their own kind so one must explore each type in the store if one is planning on buying them. They come in different sizes and hence customization options are also available for most small furniture like the sofa table. We will also see how to install them so that they promote the best aesthetic and also see which kind of materials are used in order to make them. 

Magazine rack

The magazine rack is the first of such small tables that is a must have if you are into reading a lot of books. They are available in different heights, and usually also function as an end table. The shorter magazine rack is easier to reach and the larger it is, the more magazines it can hold. It is most commonly placed in the living room, although can be placed anywhere in the house like the bedrooms or storage rooms. The stand that most often comes with the magazine holder can be used for placing things like a flower vase.

Telephone stand

Telephone stands are the second most popular type of small furniture and their popularity has decreased only due to the use of mobile phones. Telephone stand wall mount is still a very popular thing in most modern homes and increases the aesthetic of the furniture a lot. They can be used for other things such as showcasing an important item. The telephone stands which are not wall mounted can be made of a variety of substances like Sheesham wood, composites or even metal. 

Console table

The console table is also another popular small furniture item that can be found in most modern homes. It has lots of drawers for additional storage and is designed to house small equipment. They are one of the most modularly designed small furniture and come in a variety of styles. The minimalist console table is mostly used for aesthetic purposes, while the more classical or vintage console tables are strong and hold electronic equipment such as a TV and their accessories in them.

Side table

The side table is an item that goes in the living room and is placed close to the sofa. Oftentimes it has storage spaces, and a side table with drawer is more common than the ones without. They are the most known in the small furniture category and are also called coffee tables or end tables. They come in various shapes and are usually made of many material combinations. The most common among them are made out of wood, but there are both metal and glass side tables available. Some vintage side tables may also use jute or other such fibres in them.

Coat stand

A coat stand is essential if your house is situated in an area where the winter may hit hard. It is a bedroom furniture item, but can often be installed in most living rooms or other rooms. The vintage coat stand is made of strong but thin wooden segments with your pick of ornamentation for the home decor. Modern coat stands however are designed with composites and metal because they last longer. The modern coat stand also makes the living room space more aesthetic.

Nest of table

Nesting table or nest of tables as it is often called is another class of tables that come under small furniture or other furniture items. These are often made of wood and have a feature that gives them their name. The tables fit within one another and can be extended whenever they are used. This is incredibly space efficient and thus helps the homeowner at times when such space becomes necessary. They can also serve as a replacement for nightstands or a telephone stand when required.


There are many different types of small furniture that are available, and some of them aren’t as obvious as the corner table for the living room. The different types are essential, and some of them are more useful than others in daily life. With minimal amounts of effort, they can easily enhance both the quality of the living room and its aesthetic. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller online and sells all kinds of furniture in the country. Their premium furniture includes some of the best types of small furniture. Some types of small furniture can also be modular. RoyalOak also provides free delivery and installation services all across the country.

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