Different types of Shoe Rack designs and how they are useful

Shoe rackShoe rack

Oftentimes it is the case that we ignore what is mundane and part of everyday life. But when such things are carefully looked at, they often reveal interesting things about them. The shoe storage furniture is one such piece of furniture that is not thought of much, but it plays a vital role in everyday life. In fact, it is a piece of furniture that has been developed in various cultures independently and almost all modern homes have a designated place for the shoe cabinet. There are many places they can be found in a particular house, most common of which is the entrance or the main doorway. However, fabric shoe racks are particularly popular indoors and often take up less space than their wooden counterparts. 

When a family does not have a shoe rack, the footwear becomes a major problem for cleanliness. If there are too many family members, cluttering of footwear and shoes may occur, and precious times are often spent cleaning up such a mess. In the worst-case scenario, misplacing of footwear can occur. Even the minimal confusion that occurs in such cases can be prevented from having a well furnished shoe stand in the house. The shoe rack comes in many designs, and some of them are better than others in some aspects. In this blog, we shall discuss the most popular of some of these designs, and look into their specific uses.

Popular shoe rack designs

As we have already discussed, we will cover the most popular shoe rack designs that are sold around the world. Some of them are better suited than others to handle specific weather conditions and are better suited to be placed in specific rooms in a particular house. The materials that these shoe racks or cabinets are made out of also vary, with the most popular being engineered wood, natural wood and special fabrics. The shoe cabinet is usually designed in such a way that dust and other foreign particles do not escape from the cabinet and thus help maintain the cleanliness of the house.

Regular shoe rack

Regular shoe racks are the most used design of shoe racks in the world. These are also called free standing shoe racks as they do not have an enclosure that cabinets often have. They can store many shoes and are suitable for large families. They can easily be taken apart and assembled in another part of the house if so needed and this is one of their biggest advantages. They are best suited for closets or garages. Laundry rooms also sometimes use this type of shoe racks because they are easy to work with. They can be made of engineered or natural wood, and sometimes composites wood is used. This is the easiest obtainable shoe rack online.

Wall-mounted shoe rack

This is another type of shoe rack which is similar to the regular shoe rack. These are specially designed to be mounted on walls. These too, do not come with an enclosure or a cabinet-like structure. This type of shoe storage can hold more pairs of shoes than regular shoe racks because they are often lengthier than regular shoe racks. 

Regular shoe cabinets

These are the regular footwear cabinet designs that are the most popular in modern homes. They are enclosed, so there is no possibility of dust or other particles escaping from them. They are also made easy to clean and their unique designs give them a highly aesthetic look. Their aesthetic designs are one of their primary advantages. This type of shoe cabinet design is most often made of natural or engineered wood. They come in various sizes, and the appropriate size should be picked after counting the number of family members and guests that may come to the house.

Fabric shoe rack

As the name suggests, these are made out of fabric, rather than the traditional wooden shoe rack or cabinet. The fabric shoe rack can come with an enclosure which is often like a cover. The most common fabrics are ones that use composite materials and are highly dust resistant. They come in various sizes and can hold different amounts of footwear as per their size. Usually, they can hold the same amount of footwear a regular shoe rack can hold. 

Tilt-out shoe cabinet

This is a special type of shoe cabinet that tilts out whenever a new pair of shoes needs to be placed in it. This design holds more pairs of shoes or other footwear than the regular shoe cabinets of the same size. This is because the design makes it extremely space efficient. This is also an enclosed design and can be picked up on by one’s aesthetic choices. Tilt-out shoe cabinets are thus a good choice of investments if one only wears shoes and footwear of regular sizes.

Over the door shoe hanger  

This is the other type of design to hold the most used footwear. This type of design can hold a lot of footwear and requires no assembly. It is made of plastic or other composite materials. It is one of the easiest to use of any shoe rack design. They can be hung over the door or on the wall and are most suited for bedrooms with limited space and hallway cupboards. They hold footwear in what are called “pockets”. These pockets help prevent dust from both footwear and the outside environment.

There are also other types of shoe racks that are used for more particular uses that are not mentioned here. One can always reach out to their store to find out which is the effective option for them.


It is important that a shoe rack be present at the entrance of the house, as it has one of the most important roles in maintaining the cleanliness of the house. The shoe rack design also needs to be picked in the right manner considering the number of people in the house and how often they go outdoors. With some effort, the shoe cabinet can also become a home decor material. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller that sells all kinds of furniture online and this includes many different shoe rack designs. We also give free delivery and installation services to every customer we do business with. 

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