Different Types of Recliners with Mechanisms


Over the last few years, the furniture industry has seen many modifications and advancements and gone are the times of one size fitting all recliners. At the end of the day after a long haul of work, nothing is so blissful as that of sinking into your favourite recliners and resting. Recliners are of different types with distinct seating mechanisms thus, making it difficult to make the right decision. The recliner seating chairs depend on the different quality of materials and fabric; however, the main factor that makes the difference is the way each reclines. In this blog, we will delineate the distinct recliners that are available along with the different reclining mechanisms. 

The growing need for comfort has resulted in choosing recliners over chairs. The comfort afforded by recliners are unmatched and customers have the flair of choosing the desired recliner that fits their lifestyle.

Unleashing the Distinctive Recliners with Different Mechanisms

The Classic Two Position Recliners

The two-position recliners are the traditional classic mechanism recliners that have upright and fully reclined mechanisms. It works when you release the footrest by using the lever to recline. These classic recliners are the most cost effective range of recliners that take up more space as compared to the other kind of recliner and also have limited functionality. As the recliner fully reclines, the chair also moves back taking the footrests up. This kind of recliner set is meant for large spaces.      

The Special Rockers

The rocker recliners have different reclining angles. In this kind of recliner sofas, the footrests can be set up; however, the same is not with the back making it completely different from the two-position recliners. This is the absolute fit for small spaces unlike that of the classic recliners. One can position it closer to the walls and any space. Rocker recliners are the cost-effective recliner chair set and are also popular among users.

Riser Recliner set

These kinds of recliners are gaining popularity in the furniture market. The aim to provide unique comfort, riser recliners are integrated with motorized reclining chairs that recline as well as lift upward. This makes the sitting person get out of the chair easily without much effort. This makes it one of the suitable recliner sofa sets for people with disabilities or injuries as they can sit and stand without difficulty. Now you might be wondering how the mechanism works. Inside a riser recliner, the electric motor plugs into the wall socket by means of a transformer. This, in turn, reduces the voltage to present electric shock. Sometimes this is implemented with a single motor that processes the reclining and rising of the recliner chair.

When riser recliners have dual motors, one motor operates the footrest of the recliner sofa and the other motor functions the back of the chair. This can be controlled through remote buttons and enjoy the comfort of recliners.  

Pushback Mechanism Recliner        

Pushback recliners are a perfect sofa recliner for small spaces that do not have a built-in footrest and therefore, is often known by the name of flex-back recliners. This type of recliner works only on the mechanism of pushback into the seat which will recline the chair on the back. In this type of recliner, the back is the only portion that moves and thus, occupies less space as compared to the aforementioned recliner chairs. Created along with sleek lines and modern design, this is a popular chair recliner that can be adjusted with ottomans for footrests.

Electric Recliner Chairs

The mechanism of the electric recliner chairs depends on the electric motorised system as controlled by a remote or handset. It can have single to triple motors and this is based on how much movement one desires for the recliner. The motors work in operating the leg rests, tilting recliner, backrests, and so forth for comfortable seating positions. Three separate motors are used for three functions: back, rise, and footboard.

Manual Recliner Mechanism

Manual reclining chairs have two ways of operation such as manual operation by the user and operation through lever mechanism. Owing to the simple designs of the manual recliner chair, it provides few reclining positions as compared to electric recliners. In the push and pull motion the seating can be adjusted to the reclining position and as such the manual recliners can be adjusted by pushing on the armrests while at the same time leaning back towards the back. The users are flexible to utilize their body weight as per the shape and also extend the footrests. The mechanism of the manual recliner is quite simple. In order to make the recliner chair recline, the occupant while sitting on the chair must push forward on both arms. Subsequently, the footboard will rise to a horizontal position and while doing it, leaning on the chair, it will recline back. As the occupant takes the weight up, the recliner will rise and vice versa. 

Power Recliners

The traditional recliner sofa single can sometimes become difficult for people to proffer a restricted number of positions while the power recliners can recline to dynamic positions at the touch of the remote. The specific parts of power recliner sofas adjust in their own independent way. It is a masterpiece invention for individuals who have different physical limitations and also require the help of an electric motorized recliner to get into the cosy couch of the recliner. Power recliners are a great choice for elder people who have knee issues and joint issues.  

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Final Conclusion

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