Different Types of Center Table Designs for the Living Room

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There are many types of furniture that go into one’s house. While some furniture gathers a lot of attention and are thus important among the culture, others are not paid that much attention to. But that which may appear mundane is not necessarily so, and in this blog, we will discuss about the center table, which is not paid enough attention to while someone thinks about furniture in general. It is an item that is commonly present in the living room, alongside the sofa and is used for many purposes.

In Indian culture, this piece of furniture plays many vital roles. It is also called by different names in many parts of the country. It is called “tea table” in North India, and in the South, they call it a coffee table, as such tables have become associated with the popular beverage of the area. They may serve a decorative purpose in many homes in addition to their functional aspects. They come in many sizes and are usually made of many different materials.

The Types of Center Tables

The center table does not have standardized dimensions and hence many furniture manufacturers have made their own designs when it comes to it. In this blog, we will be discussing the most commonly seen types, based on the materials that they are made from and based on the shape of the coffee table.

Based on material

The following is a list of center table for living room spaces based on their material

Wooden coffee table

This is the most commonly seen type of center table out there, owing to its ease of manufacture and familiarity within the people. They are usually made of rubberwood or Sheesham wood, and modern manufacturing methods have made them more long-lived and decorative. The wooden coffee tables can be found in most indoor settings. Offices, in general, use other types of center tables that may appear more decorative.

Glass top center tables

In this type of center table, the top is made up of tough tempered glass, which is resistant to heat and can be cleaned easily. They look far superior to wooden center tables and are usually considered a luxury item that brings lots of people to admire the room it has been put into. The glass center table can also be multi-purpose like their wooden counterparts, which is an ongoing trend in the modern tea table business.

Marble top center table

As the name suggests, these are made up of solid marble which is polished and resistant to dust and liquid spillage. Heat resistance is also a factor in the manufacture of the marble coffee table. The marble top center table manufacturing process has become significantly less expensive since the last decade, reducing the price of such items in the market.

Based on shape

Following is the list of different shapes the center table comes in. The most common instances where such shapes are preferred will also be discussed.


The rectangular center table is the most used kind of center table for non-decorative purposes. It is a common sight to see this kind of table between sofa sets and in the living room. Large sizes are usually preferred, although smaller ones are also sold in large numbers for decorative purposes. When the length and width of the surface is the same, the shape changes to a square shape, although such center tables are less popular.


The round center table is most commonly used for decorative purposes. But large round center tables are now increasingly being preferred by the younger generation for fancier interior design. They have advantages like holding less space and being easily movable. The coffee tables that are used for decorative purposes can have less height than a usual rectangular table.


This is the shape of the coffee table that is used evenly for both decorative and functional purposes. Oval glass tables are popular in the office setting, as they give a sleek and classy look to the area. Although not popular in the previous decades, they have become more popular and affordable for people to purchase as manufacturing processes concerning such coffee tables have become easier.

Trends in the Center Table Market 

Sheesham Wood has become popular

In wooden center tables, in particular, the market prefers Sheesham wood more than any other type of wood. This is because the Sheesham wood has finer grains which make it a higher quality. This kind of wood also responds well to different manufacturing processes and can be cut and shaped into any kind of shape, which is extremely helpful for many sofa center table designs.

Marble center tables have become popular

The easiest trend to capture is that the marble top center tables, in general, are being preferred more because of their superior qualities when compared to traditional center tables. This is because the manufacturing process has become less expensive and more reliable over the many years. 

The multifunctional coffee table

The people now prefer a sofa center table that is multifunctional. Some of the newer versions now have storage spaces and multiple drawers for storing various stuff. One may make use of it for functional or decorative purposes. Some tables can fold themselves when not in use to take less space, and others are extendable to accommodate more space when the time comes. While pockets for storage are a longstanding thing in the coffee table, these new types of folding tables with hinges have been on the trend in the community and the market.


Knowing about different types of furniture before buying them certainly helps, and this is helpful even when one is looking for furniture that usually gathers not enough attention, like the center table for a living room. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture company and sells all kinds of furniture all over the country. They sell through their online website and also have free delivery and assembly services for each piece of furniture they sell. They have a huge collection of furniture from different parts of the world and make sure that the customer’s taste is met.

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