Different Types of Bookshelves That Are In Trend

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Among the various pieces of sophisticated furniture items, bookshelves are an important piece of furniture that most book lovers yearn for. Bookshelf or bookcases are significant pieces of furniture that are created having a cabinet with horizontal shelves for the purpose of storing books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets and many more. Different materials are used for making bookshelves such as solid wood, engineered wood, MDF, plywood and many more. One of the common elements of a bookshelf is created with wood. Many book lovers want their mini home library to reflect their love for books and showcase collections.  

Whatever may be the case, the role of a bookshelf serves as a relevant station to display some great collections that you have of literature or history. From adding a chic beauty to your home, it serves as the favourite place for storing different book genres. In this blog, we will delineate the distinct type of bookshelf that can add perfection to your living room and home space.

Distinct Bookshelf Furniture Types 

Bookshelves form a common shelving storage unit in many urban homes that are used to protect books from moisture, dust, and different weather conditions. Bookshelves are available in different styles, materials, and designs. One can choose the right one fitting one’s requirements and matching the home interior. Herein this context will acknowledge the different bookshelf types that are in trend nowadays. 

Floating Bookshelf Unit

One of the benefits of the floating wall bookshelf unit is that it easily displays book floating units over walls. This enables internal brackets and is generally made of wood. With a series of single racks attached to the wall, many lightweight books, magazines, and newspapers of different shapes and sizes can be stored in it. Floating shelves help readers to easily find their desired reading book so that they can get hold of the right one without creating a mess while finding it. 

Built-In Bookshelves

As one of the most common book shelving storage units, built-in bookshelves are mostly used in modern Indian homes. Unused home corners are the favourite place where this type of bookshelf unit can be fitted. One of the simplest forms of built-in shelves is created with engineered wood. This type of built-in book rack shelves is useful in rendering aesthetics to the living room decor. Coming in different shelves Royaloak has created unique designs of bookshelves that will perfectly fit different Indian interiors.

Corner BookShelf Units

The corner bookshelf design unit is one of the best shelving furniture products meant for small spaces apartments. This kind of corner shelving helps to maximize space and leaves more room for other small furniture items. As space-efficient furniture, it can be wall mounted bookshelves and installed on the floor. Solid wood is the favourable framework for this type of bookshelf. Placing one space in the living room will enhance the ultimate grandeur of the room.  

Freestanding Shelving

The freestanding bookshelves are perfect for both storage functionality as well as display aesthetics. With a simple installation process, these free-standing book rack designs can be easily installed and built in to store different book collections on one platform. Looking for the best bookshelf unit for your bedroom? Then you are at the right destination. Royaloak has a diverse variety of bookshelf designs from which customers can choose the best one suiting your interior decor. 

Bookshelf Designs Based On Shape

Geometric Bookshelf 

Among various bookshelf designs, a geometric bookshelf is incomparable to other designs. Offering open book storage solutions, it provides ample visuals for easy book selection and viewing authors' names and book names. Matching to your existing interior, the Book cupboard stores books uniquely and can be paired with a study table besides for a complete aesthetic experience. It is flexible to organize books, documents, binders, and reference materials. The shape of the bookshelf design complements the contemporary design of the home and increases its aesthetics.

Cubic Bookshelf

Searching for the best bookshelf design for more storage? The cubic bookshelf administers an amazing decorative approach to the space where it is meant to be. The sleek design and style with modern clean lines serve as a centrepiece in the living space. It can be installed in the bedroom and turned into a reading nook during the night hours when you want to settle in your bed and read your best piece from the collection. With the book shelf with glass door it makes all books visible and protection from outside dust and weather conditions. 

Study Table With Bookshelf 

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic situation all over the world, from companies to schools and educational institutions are operating from their homes. It has led to the necessity of work from home office tables or study tables. The combined dual furniture study table with bookshelf serves double-functionality by serving the purpose of both a study table and a bookshelf. During office hours, the space can be utilized as the office table and apart from office hours, the place turns into a reading nook. 

Bookshelf With Drawers

The combination of the closed, as well as open corner bookshelf, renders an approachable appeal with a natural look. The integrated drawers give ample storage space for keeping small accessories and stuff in it. Therefore, the bookshelf with drawers is the multipurpose storage solution that offers storage space for other clutters apart from bookshelves. 

Final Conclusion

It can be concluded that the bookshelf you choose for your home reflects your style and personality. A completely organized space for books at one part of the home reflects the intellectual nature and brings in a sense of wisdom. Royaloak is the best furniture retailer all over India and it curates top-quality bookshelf designs with amazing style blends. Delivering to different corners of the country Royaloak offers free installation and delivery services. This makes it easier for customers to buy national and international furniture products at unbeatable prices. Connect  with the best furniture experts and get the best quality furniture solution for your home.

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