Different Types of Beds for Kids and their Advantages

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It is important for furniture to be designed appropriately for all ages and top furniture brands like Royaloak know this fact. While the materials that are used in the furniture remain the same, the design of the furniture itself knows no bounds and is, therefore, the most experimented upon with an aim to provide maximum comfort. This blog will focus on the bunk bed types for the most important age group in one’s family. Kids & children are extremely curious and active, so while designing furniture items their safety is of prime concern. We will now see what techniques are used while designing bunk beds for children such safety consideration is combined with comfort and how you as a customer can make informed choices while purchasing such beds.

If you have a single child, it might be right to go for the single cot bed, but even then there are many designs of single beds that are available in the market. Parents are more commonly attracted to bunk beds which conserve space and provide a more socially acceptable atmosphere for the kids. This kind of environment is important for the kids to grow, and is shown to have positive effects on both the physical and mental health of the individual children.

The distinct types of kids beds available in the market

There are many types of beds that are made specifically for kids. While they may look the same as just any other bed they have notable differences. In this blog, we shall explore the different types of beds for kids and the benefits associated with them.

Single bed

The single bed that is made for kids is no different from the design for larger beds that are commonly used in most bedrooms. The primary difference lies in size, although there can be other design differences. The mattress of preference is not usually hard or soft and has a lesser thickness than that used in normal beds. The single beds that are specifically made for kids mostly use engineered wood as their material, although light-weight natural wood can sometimes be used to create them.  

Bunk bed

Bunk beds for kids have been very popular since the ancient days and have lots of differences when compared to the same kind of beds that are used for adults or the designer bunk bed. Most modern versions of them are generally made very strong with a heavier base so that they cannot be tipped over. Engineered wood, natural wood and sometimes metal is used as the material of choice for its manufacture. 

The top bunker usually has barriers that prevent children from falling when they are asleep. Stairs are usually provided and sometimes the beds can be converted into multiple single beds. Double bunk beds are more popular, but there are also attractive triple bunk bed designs available for children. The bunkers are usually screwed together and have detachable staircases. Although sometimes the bunk bed is not meant to be convertible, and these are more structurally sound.

Kids beds with storage

It is now a new trend that has been going on in the furniture designs with regards to children’s beds. With most parents often being busy, children must take care of themselves and their studies in most western countries. Storage spaces, like book shelves and cabinets integrated with beds have been known to help children increase their discipline and reduce stress to caregivers. Multiple storage spaces will be present in kids beds these days to help them organize their stuff.

Bunk beds for kids that have storage spaces look more bulky compared to the traditional bunk bed. While many bunker beds are made to be convertible to single-stage beds at a later stage, it has been hard to incorporate the same in bunker beds with storage spaces in them. This is also the reason why such beds come in larger sizes despite them being made for kids. 

Important facts regarding kids beds

After going through different kinds of beds made for the younger generation, one needs to consider the following facts before buying any sort of kids beds.

Most kids' beds come in a variety of sizes. The width of the bed is as important as the length of the bed when it comes to picking your size.
Make sure your single bed comes with a sturdy base so that it does not get easily damaged by any mischief the child may try to do to it.
Picking beds with storage capacities will prove more useful for the children as it increases utility and is also shown to increase discipline in kids.
One must not pick beds that contain too many sharp edges like ones that are found in designer beds for their children’s use. Most children’s beds consist of smooth, round edges and this rule is followed by both single bed and bunk bed designs for kids.
While single beds come with their own advantages like a larger amount of space available to the child and more comfort, the bunk bed is more space-efficient and sometimes presents itself with convertible options.
These are some of the many things one should take care of when choosing a bed for their kids.


While picking a bunk bed one needs to carefully assess the behaviour of a child and also their needs. As all children are extremely curious but also have various needs, bunk beds come with different designs. Strength safety and utility are the three common points of most designs, with varying consideration given to each one. It is better to pick a larger size bed when going for kids beds, as that will be more comfortable for them. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture retailer and sells all kinds of furniture including the best collections of furniture for kids. We also sell dining tables, sofas and office furniture. We also provide delivery and installation without charging for them.

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