Different Types of Aesthetic Dining Tables

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Dining rooms have been a part of humanity for centuries now, and they have a special place in family occasions and socially accepted festivals. This is the reason they are generally made to hold more people than the number of members in the family. However, because of the social aspect, dining furniture needs to adopt aesthetics into its manufacturing. No one aesthetic fits every social group or even every occasion for that matter. It all depends on what the family may adopt based on several factors like space inside the home, environmental factors, and budget concerns. There are many options available in the modern furniture market for the general public, and it can be a little overwhelming for people who are new to furniture shopping. That is why we will discuss some general types of aesthetics in dining furniture.

Whatever the perception of a homeowner, an aesthetic furniture item has some things going for it. These can be efficient functionality, comfort, durability or looks, or a combination of such things. This is true for any kind of furniture item, be it living room furniture or dining room furniture. A good example of an aesthetic dining table design is the Royaloak Innova Wooden Round 4 Seater Dining Table Set, which is compact enough that it doesn’t appear large, but still can serve various food to at least 4 members of a family comfortably. It is made of solid wood and the dining chairs come with curved backrests to ensure superior comfort. However, in this blog, we shall not limit our discussion to wooden dining tables alone, as in doing so we will miss out on the aesthetic designs offered by modern materials in the dining rooms.

Different types of modern dining tables’ aesthetic

You can pick between the following dining set configurations which each brings with it’s aesthetic. You can amplify such aesthetics by getting the right lighting and decor items that go along with such dining tables

Traditional dining table design

Although there are many modern designs available, traditional wooden table designs still dominate a large part of the market. This is because the traditional 6-seater dining table has an aesthetic associated with it. However, going for furniture manufactured in the old manner with the natural wood being integrated into the furniture without processing is generally not recommended. However, this is not to say that you should ignore such furniture, because its aesthetic is hard to emulate without seeming too modernized. However many modern designs have come close to emulating such traditional aesthetics, and you can purchase such furniture instead if you want them to last longer.

Multifunctional dining furniture

Multifunctional dining rooms are the perfect aesthetics for modular kitchens and modern dining rooms which are becoming ever more popular in recent days. The extendable dining table and folding dining tables are just many examples of multifunctional dining furniture. They can simultaneously save space and serve a large group of people, so if your house is not that large you might want to buy this kind of furniture item. A 4 seater dining table of this kind can be very helpful for an average-sized family.

Glass-top dining tables

One of the most popular dining tables on this list, the modern glass dining table is often made of hardened glass that is not as brittle as normal glass. Apart from being transparent, which is a very aesthetic element by itself, it is available in more shapes simply because such shapes are easier to manufacture with glass. The glass top is paired with modern engineered wood or metallic elements to increase strength and durability. They can be very light in comparison to other dining tables discussed here, which means you can move this aesthetic piece of furniture easily.

Marble dining table designs 

The marble-top dining table 4 seater can be a suitable addition to your house if you are not intending to move the dining table much. Apart from being highly environmentally resistant, it is also available in various textural designs. It is one of those furniture items that have a very long shelf life and can incorporate any shape the homeowner wants. They can resist heat and spillage better than other dining tables that are listed here. They are available in various sizes and shapes, and a large-sized marble table can be just what you need to make your dining room glow.

Unique design

The modern designer dining table has a unique design, either catering to its shape or its looks which cannot be attributed to anything discussed above. Such change in shape is made purely for aesthetic concerns but it does not affect durability. It increases functionality in some instances, and by pairing such unique designs with the right kind of dining chairs and other decor items, you can create your kind of dining aesthetic that you can showcase to your guests. Modular furniture design is termed as furniture which has the capability of being easily decoupled and recoupled for moving or scaling purposes.


Furniture can appear costly, but if purchased in the right manner, it can be a very functional and attractive addition to your house. In India, RoyalOak is a very reputed furniture distributor with at least one store in every major city. We also sell international furniture at our store, and we have goods from America, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia that we have sourced through our network.

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