Delineating the distinct fabrics & upholstery for your fabric sofa in the living room

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A sofa is an inexplicable furniture when it comes to designing your living room. It makes up the most proportion of the living area and is responsible for setting up the statement piece in your living room. However, the significance of a fabric sofa goes beyond the range of just the statement piece, it forms the important functionality of the space by providing effective seating arrangements for family, friends and guests. A list of certain factors determines the quality of a sofa design such as upholstery, material and price range. As you select the right fabric upholstery for your living area, what matters the most is the shape, size and cushion choice. Herein, readers can have a precise knowledge of the different fabrics for the sofa that will suit Indian modern home interiors. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the best sofa fabric choices to assist you with the top sofa fabrics that are getting into popular usage owing to their comfort and pragmatic requirements. It is worth taking a glimpse of the different fabric sofa upholstery so that you can make the best decision in choosing the right fabric sofa set for your home.

Sofa Fabric Upholstery And Their Benefits

Cotton As The Top Sofa A Fabric

Cotton is considered a natural fibre that is mostly used for making top-quality sofa furniture for different occasions. It is a quite cost-effective option to opt for and is durable with proper care. Cotton fabric is versatile that takes patterns and colours to create a perfect patterned sofa set. From creating sectionals to L-shape sofas, wooden sofa design to an endless array of colours and many more, sofa designs come in different shapes, sizes and styles. 

Cotton is among the most favourable fabrics that have gained significance in the sofa manufacturing industry owing to its highly colour-fading resistance. When a sofa is placed in direct exposure to sunlight there are high chance that the colour may fade away. Therefore, it is always advised to keep your sofa furniture away from exposure to direct sunlight. Make sure the quality of cotton upholstery you purchase is of high resistance to colour fading. Some cotton patterns act as stain resistance and conceal any kind of stains falling on them. 

Sofa Fabric of Linen  

Linen is another great form of fabric upholstery that has a looser texture than cotton. It is renowned for its lustrous and smooth texture. However, linen is prone to stains and wrinkles, so it is important to opt for high-quality linen which has premium functionality. Performance linen is one of the great durable fabrics which is used in fabric sofa making. The positive aspects of the performance linen sofa fabric lie in its durability and long-lasting nature. Apart from being a structured fabric, it is responsible for holding its shape while maintaining a soft and comfortable texture. 

As it has become a commonplace material for the sofa, it has widely been used in slipcovers too. Owing to its easily washable technique it can be designed well with the different changing seasons and occasions. 

Velvet Has Always Rocked The Floor

Velvet fabric is soft, silky and fantastic to touch and feel. With distinctive colour tones, it comes with depth, adding to the aesthetics of the living room. The underneath of the silk velvets is costly and of high quality. When it comes to creating the centerpiece of the living room, choosing performance velvet is the ultimate option. Performance velvet stands up well to the regular wear-and-tear versions. If you are opting for the velvet fabric, you should remain lucid about the velvets being woven of cleanable and high-quality polyester to offer resistance to colour fading, stains and crushing. 

Chenille As A Semblance To Velvet

Chenille is meant for its closed loops instead of the open naps. Compared to velvet fabric, chenille is chunkier than velvet. It is inexplicably soft and cushy to the touch. A performance chenille is stain resistant and is durable making it fall among the list of preferred fabric upholstery choices.   

Considering Microfiber

Microfiber is a stunning fabric choice when it comes to sofa upholstery. It is affordable can come even at the lowest budgets and is highly stain resistant. But if your home has kids and pets, then it might not be a great choice as it is magnetic to fur and hair. 

Royaloak’s Malaysian fabric Sofa 3S is designed with top top-quality fabric that includes wooden armrests for providing comfortable seating. This sofa set has soft cushions for a luxurious sitting arrangement. With the able cushion covers, it is easy to clean and dry. It comes in Malaysia country collection and makes up an additional seating accommodation. 

Natural Leather Sofa Upholstery 

Natural leather is always a costly material for sofa making. A leather sofa set renders a vivacious appeal inside the living room space with its presence and appearance. Leather is a highly durable material that is sophisticated and stain-resistant. Due to its versatile nature, it has a versatile appeal which makes it suitable for any kind of home decor. Leather upholstery ages with grace and becomes softer over time aforementioned are the different reasons which make it popular among users. 

People who have problems with allergens should opt for a leather sofa set design as it is allergen-resistant and also lends a beautiful living room transformation at hand. However, if you are on a low budget, then faux leather can provide a leather-like look.

Final Considerations

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