Contemporary Dining Table Designs & How to Choose Them

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Contemporary Dining Table Designs & How to Choose Them

Among the various important furniture collections that are important for home, during shifting to a new home or renovating one's own home, dining furniture plays an important role. The dining room can be designed uniquely with modern colour, designer dining furniture, and interior decor. In a house, the dining area is the space where all family members gather to gossip, talk, discuss, and enjoy dinner. Therefore, a dining table enables individuals to gather and spend time with each other while enjoying their favourite meal. A home cannot be defined without a specific dining space and with the right furniture. 

Among the essential furniture solutions, dining furniture is significant without which the family members cannot sit together to talk and enjoy after day’s end. There are some factors that can be considered important when it comes to buying dining sets. In this context, we are going to discuss the different ways through which you can choose the right dining table set for your home. 

Modern Dining Table Designs

Glass Dining Table 

Among the modern materials, glass often goes well with traditional as well as contemporary decor. Glass dining table set covers up the less space factor of smaller dining rooms making it airier. It gives a reflective glass space making it a great match in smaller spaces and tempered glass is known to resist heat, scratches, and rough handling. Paired with chairs this glass dining set not only gives a chic look to the interior decor but also has functional value.

Wooden Dining Table

Wood is a sturdy material that has been in traditional usage for centuries. Wooden dining sets are made of different premium quality wood materials such as oak, walnut, maple, and teak. In addition to solid wood materials, the dining furniture of engineered wood, ply and MDF have become popular during recent times. Wooden dining table holds its significance in Indian homes still today. 

Marble Dining Table

Marble is one of the widely used materials for dining furniture. It is expensive but worth it. In addition to elevating the beauty of the room, it gives a timeless look to the dining room interior. However, owing to its bulkiness, it is important to determine wisely as it cannot be movable and heavy. Placing it in the permanent home is a great option when it comes to marble dining table sets. The maintenance of the marble dining furniture should be taken care of. For better protection, you can cover the marble tabletop with placemats and dining table cloth for avoiding any kind of spills or stains over it.  

Contemporary Rustic Dining Set

The rustic dining furniture of contemporary designs has become popular nowadays. It can be of different sizes and shapes, however, the natural look it renders to the dining area is amazing. The rustic cum contemporary dining table design can be of square and rectangular framed setting up with matched chairs. Besides, giving a natural aesthetic look adds elegance to the entire dining decor.

Metal Dining Table

The metal dining set is durable and long-lasting. It is modern dining furniture that enhances the aesthetics of the dining room. This kind of dining set can be matched with any kind of decor. With easy maintenance, it holds its look for a long time and therefore you don't have to take extra attention to maintain it.   

Effective Ways to Choose The Right Dining Table

Transferable Dining Table 

Prior to purchasing the dining table set, the user needs to determine and consider how often the table will be moved around. A big square and rectangular dining set can be bulky and inconvenient at the time of changing homes. A transferable or modular dining table is convenient as it can be moved to any place on the occasion of shifting or renovating. Additionally, round tables with industrial design can be considered before making the purchase decision.

Modular Dining Table

Modular dining table designs are appropriate for smaller spaces and apartments. It can be made of engineered wood, MDF or ply, therefore making it lighter, sturdy, and easily movable. Several other new designs are available in the furniture market. For shorter stays and rental space, this makes a favourable choice of tenants.    

The shape of the Dining Set 

Dining furniture comes in various ranges and sizes. According to the space of the dining area, one can decide the size of the dining table suited for space. If the area is small, then one can easily opt for a round shape designer dining table set. They fit rightly in compact rooms in addition to offering flexible seating for accommodation. The design can be easily matched with the room decor along with the chair. In the case of larger dining spaces, a square and rectangular dining table makes enough room for fine dining.      

Dining Room Theme

Bright dining furniture is gradually becoming a trend that not only adds colour to the dining room decor but also enhances the aesthetics. With passing time, trends generally get outdated and new trends take their place. Adding bright hues to the dining decor brings in positive vibes and is able to match with the rest of the decor of the home.  


When you have to select the right dining table for your home, the first perspective that knocks your mind is the functional needs. Considering the number of family members, people to gather, lifestyle, and living situation, you can indulge in 4 seater dining table set purchasing decisions. If you have moved to our new home and have a large dining area, then you can simply opt for a rectangular dining table set matching your dining decor.

Size matters

When it comes to dining table selection, priority should be given to the factor of size. A small dining table may look odd in a large dining room whereas large dining furniture looks spacious and absurd in a small room. So as per the size and space, you can choose the right size of dining set as per the vacant space you have in your dining area. Along with the right length and right height. Leave some space so that people can hang freely near the dining table so that they can accommodate themselves. 


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