Coffee table decor: Effortless ways to style your center table

Coffee tableCoffee table

A living room is an important part of the house for all the households. This is so because the living room is one of the first places a guest or a visitor spends most of their time in. The living room is also a place meant for relaxation or doing other day to day activity like playing a board game or reading books. Thus, it functions as both a room that promotes healthy leisurely activity and a place to have important discussions. As such, furniture in this room like the sofa set or the accompanying wooden tables are given high importance both in terms of functionality and decorative quality.

The sofa set is a prime example of living room furniture that calls for its attention whenever one may come into the room. The sofa set is primarily used for seating purposes, although some modern designs also incorporate storage or other functions that are secondary to it. The immediate next thing that catches the attention is the centre table, which is usually kept beside the sofa sets. If the living room is large enough, multiple center tables can be used. These tables are common among all types of modern homes, even though their build material, shape or design might be a bit different. When they are smaller they tend to be called the side table.

Important ways one might style their Coffee table

The table that commonly sits between sofa sets and an entertainment unit in the living room is also a place where people of the family get to. Hence it is also referred to as a coffee table in many places. While it may have many such different names, it is important to make it look beautiful as it is what sets the most of the environment in the living room. Following are the different ways one may make normal center tables look more attractive.

Mix and match it with the room

The center table must be carefully selected after studying the colours and designs of one’s own home and the living room. The selection part itself is one of the primary steps in the ornamentation and decoration of the table. If you have bright tiling on the floor, you may want to choose matching marble side tables. If most of your indoor furniture is made of wood, it is best to go for a wooden table for your living room. Glass tables work great if you want your living room to look brighter as it would reflect light. Make sure you don’t forget to check the properties of the material, colour and designs that are associated with your selection.

Decorate it with flowers

It is a known common fact that flower vases are an important decorative element in any room. The main cause of such an attractive effect is the reason that most plants with flowers freshen up the atmosphere in the living room. The different colours of the flower are also visually attractive and give the side table a calming effect. While many people may prefer artificial flowers to decorate their living rooms, a better environment can be set up if one uses actual plants with flowers.

Change the mood with lighting

Lighting plays an important role in the setting up of the environment in the living room. The right lighting placed on the side table in the form of traditional or modern lights may change the appearance of the room greatly. Traditional lighting includes candles and LED lamps and decorative lamps are some of the modern lighting examples. The role that lighting plays in enhancing the look of the living room can be seen at night.

Upholster it and display some books

The coffee table in many aspects looks all the more attractive if something is placed on it. A good piece of attractive upholstery can be placed on it to ready it for a certain occasion. This also helps prevent any harm from dust or liquid spillage. The other way of decorating it is with books or other similar items which people can reach out to if they are bored. The promotion of leisurely activities can be very attractive to some people. Of course, the placement matters and things should not look like they are cluttered.

Clean it and leave it bare

A glass center table that is clean and has nothing on it automatically looks very beautiful. While most of the time stuff placed on the table gives it the decorative aura, sometimes the exact opposite can work wonders if you are trying to brighten up the room. Cluttering can easily occur within a living room as there is often too much work that goes on in the living room in a span of, say, a single day. Cleaning the side table whenever possible and maintaining it just as it is can bring a good environment to the living room. This is especially true if such tables are made of fancier materials like glass or marble, which is now getting popular in the market.


A center table that is immediately noticeable is necessary for a modern living room. This is because the living room is the most used room when it comes to spending time with members of the family & friends when the occasion calls for it. It also serves as a great tool for relaxation or other utilities. While there may be a normal looking center table in your home, there are a lot of ways one can decorate such a table so that it can be appealing to everyone. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller and sells all kinds of furniture including luxury tables like the glass center table. We offer many styles of furniture including ones that form a part of our international designs. We also offer free delivery and assembly services.

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