Biggest Trends in Sofa We Have Seen this Year

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While 2022 and its previous year has been very hard for all of us due to the pandemic, but the market in general has not stopped significantly. Infact, marketers and product companies around the world have only increased their effort to suit the sudden change in market needs. This effect has been all around the globe, and even the furniture industry has been affected by it. The change in market behaviour which is popular among the public is what is called a trend and there are certain trends that are associated with each product, like a sofa set. These trends change over time due to change in customer demand, new designs or better functionality that is made available through innovation or change in design.

The sofa is a furniture item that has been around for a long time, and hence has a huge number of variants when design is concerned. As the market is very well known amongst the customers, the manufacturing companies try to redesign the product or add additional functionality to it to please the customers. Such redesign or addition of functionality done in a good manner with the effort of marketing is what usually starts the trend, although the consumer market has the final say in what is trending. In this blog, we shall look at the most popular trends when it comes to sofa design, and the unique features of each such trend in the market. This is not to say that older designs like the vintage wooden sofa based design will not be sold, in fact, trends categorized by age groups can lead to a different picture of which product comes to the top when popularity is concerned.

Top Trends in Sofa Set Designs in 2022

There are many specific trends that have emerged in the market for sofas, specifically in the year of 2022. Some of these trends have continued from the previous years, but since the pandemic, some drastic changes have also affected the market. Regardless of the reason, the trends decide what the people will most likely prefer in the market. Following are some important trends this year for sofa sets. 

Multifunctionality is trending

This is a trend that has been trending in both the furniture industry in general and the sofa set design in particular. While the vintage sofa designer is still preferred by a lot of people who are looking for luxury, much of the modern public now is aware of the multifunctional designs that help them do more with less. This has led to a focus on practicality and many multifunctional sofa cum bed designs are really what is trending the most in the furniture industry, at least when compared to the older singular function designs.

Modularity is increasingly being preffered

This is the newest trend that has gotten a significant boost in the year of 2022 as many people are forced to live in lockdowns, naturally increasing the importance of free space inside a room. Modular furniture allows the user to quickly assemble or disassemble it and move it easily from one place to the other. Modular furniture is also associated with a specific aesthetic, although that can be changed as per the user’s desires. Modular furniture like the modern L shape sofa design which can be folded or expanded when necessary has become a big trend, and likely will continue to be so in the coming years.

Smooth shapes are preferred over geometric ones

Sofa design is not only associated with its function but also an aesthetic, as it is one of the main attractions in the living room, which is the first place guests are welcomed into for a casual chit chat or a business meeting. In this area too, there have been some trends that are noticeable. sofa design with a sleek but attractive curve that lacks geometric edges are trending in the market. These are especially trending in the luxury market, where comfort and aesthetic are valued highly. Darker colours, although an old trend in sofa aesthetics, have continued in this year’s trends for the modern sofa set

Technology integration for comfort 

The value of technology is also well recognised in the market these days and people are selecting a new line of sofa design that comes with technology that specifically increases comfort for the general public. Adjustable backrests, armrests and footrests are one of the few things that the modern public is selecting for their houses. Swivel and folding mechanisms are also one of the things that manufacturers have added to most modern sofas and thus these have been trending in the market for some time. This is one of the trends that is only going to continue in the coming years.

Placement trends

Apart from the sofa itself, the placement of the sofa is also what matters for both consumers and manufacturers. Manufacturers look for attractive interior designs and help the consumers make their living room attractive by applying such features in their own homes. Sofa as an independent unit with addition of coffee tables that are set up against a contrasting wall is one of the placement trends that is picking up the market in 2022.  Mixing and matching colours and traditional placement with the sofa designer set against the center table also remain prominent placement layouts for most living rooms. 



Trends are any pattern that emerges in the market and are important for both consumers and the industry that they are associated with as they generally generate from consumer’s needs. RoyalOak is a premier Indian furniture seller which retails latest and trendy furniture and can be easily accessed online. We sell all kinds of furniture, ranging from trendy sofa set designs, dining tables and furniture for bedrooms. We have furniture that is well suited to every kind of home catering to their different needs, and we take care that all kinds of trends are followed so that our customer gets what is in demand in the market. We also offer free delivery and assembly services across the country.

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