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A bookshelf is the perfect piece of furniture for those book lovers who have a major book collection, novels, and various other pamphlets. As a popular piece of furniture, bookshelves are a functional unit of furniture product that adds elegance as well as sophistication to the room decor. Bookshelves can sag if they are not properly designed or are not properly installed. Various materials are used for making bookshelves such as wood, particleboard, MDF, plywood, metal, glass, and many other materials. The best materials make strong bookshelves furniture suiting all types of Indian home decor. 

Different styles of bookshelves are available in the market and comprise distinct designs from contemporary style to modern designs, traditional to rustic forms and many others. Despite adding a classy touch to the room, it renders functional value by organizing the various books properly. This has always been a treasure trove for many book lovers who love to keep their collections in an organized manner. A number of benefits are there in having a designer bookshelf at home. In this blog, we have discussed the best materials adopted for creating bookshelves, the advantages of using bookshelves and many more. 

Top Materials For Making Bookshelf

In this context, the best materials used by furniture makers for making bookshelves are given and elaborated. 


Solid wood is a popular range of wood material that has been largely utilized for making heavy furniture products such as beds, sofa sets, bookshelf design, study tables, dining sets, and many more. Sheesham wood, teak, oak, mahogany and so forth are the various solid wood materials that make an excellent furniture framework for bookshelves. Hardwoods are sturdy, heavier, therefore, they are more resistant to scratches.


Particleboard is cheaper than solid wood however, it is denser and uniform as compared to other materials. Particleboard is generally the waste wood chips glued together to make it a structural form. If you have a cost consideration in your mind then particleboard is the right choice to make. The wall bookshelf design crafted from veneers and composite boards appears just like real wood. If you are looking for options that can remain within your low cost, then you have the best option to invest in particle board bookshelf furniture. 


Plywood is made by stacking thin plies or sheets of lumber and by glueing them under pressure as plywood gains strength with pressure. High-quality woods are utilized for the bottom and top plies with a view to creating the appearance of fine woods. Fine edge veneers are also applied to make it more strong and sturdy over the course of time. Therefore, it is used to create a durable book rack for home.  


MDF is the short abbreviation for medium-density fibreboard and is generally referred to as wood fibres, sawdust, tiny chips that are glued into sheets to form MDF material. MDF book rack design is budget-friendly and creates an amazing base for veneers. Owing to great strength, it is durable and reliable.


The glass bookshelves are heavy and therefore weighty than other bookshelf types. The tempered glass bookshelf having wood or metal upright renders a chic contemporary beauty to the space. The book shelf with glass door offers a contemporary smooth and transparent surface which makes it easier to handle and maintain. 


Metal bookshelf designs are easy to handle and maintain. The metal bookcases are resistant to moisture and termites, thus many customers prefer to purchase a metal book cupboard in their bedroom where they can easily access the bookshelf and read at the comfort of their bed. 

These are the various materials used for making metal-based bookshelf furniture. Different furniture materials as mentioned above make different bookshelf structures depending on the quality and budget. 

Benefits of Having A Bookshelf

A bookshelf is considered the ideal storage space where you can keep your magazines, books, pamphlets, newspapers, and many more. In addition to a functional piece of furniture in your home space, it also renders aesthetics to the space where it is installed. In any modern home, a modern corner bookshelf plays a significant role. As a small decorative piece, the bookshelf enhances the aesthetics of your living room.

Functional Value 

A study table with bookshelf renders dual functionality by serving the purpose of both study table and bookshelf design. In the working office hours, this furniture can be well utilized as an office space whereas apart from working hours, this space turns into a reading nook. By selecting your favourite book, you can turn the space to your favourite reading corner. 


The functional small bookshelf unit helps to store documents, books, fiction/nonfiction stories, novels, and magazines in an organized manner. Owing to these organizational purposes, it helps to declutter your home and make space for other furniture pieces. Apart from books, some bookshelves come with drawers where you can store accessories and valuables too.   


The wall mounted bookshelves, floating shelves, and open shelves are the distinct types of bookshelf unit which remains fixed to the wall unit and therefore saves space on the floor. The bookshelf designs mounted on the wall makes rough room for other items and declutters the space readily. Similarly, a floating bookshelf is designed in such a way that it remains fixed to the wall with brackets and serves as an ideal display unit showcasing your collections. 

Easy Accessibility

A bookshelf installed in your bedroom having multiple shelves enables the reader to organize books as per rendition and genre. This helps in visible access and the reader can easily find the desired book.  

Final Dictum

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