Aspects of Engineered Wood Furniture for Home

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Have you ever thought about the furniture material which you will choose for your home? The significance of wood furniture lies in every aspect of our lives. Wood can be seen in different forms, shapes, and types. Wood is a source of natural material that has relevance in almost every aspect. As most people are preferring wood furniture it has given rise to different genres of wood. In this context, we need to learn how wood furniture has been growing and have advanced during the last few years.

Among the various types of wood, it includes solid wood, engineered wood, and MDF. Solid wood and engineered wood are durable furniture materials that are used for making heavy pieces of furniture such as bed furniture, wardrobe designs, dressing tables, and many more. This blog will delineate the different engineered wood furniture items and how they have played a significant role in creating unique furniture designs. 

Introduction To Engineered Wood Furniture

With a view to understanding engineered wood furniture, one needs to comprehend the engineered wood material. Engineered wood has become one of the most used furniture materials in household residences as well as in commercial furniture designs such as shoe rack designs, bookshelves, and others. Engineered wood originates from different trees and is a perfect replica for solid wood. It is created uniquely by binding together particles in strands with the help of adhesives. 

In this blog, we will focus on the different engineered wood types and how creatively they are created from wood waste comprising sawmill scraps, leftover sawdust, and so forth and binding together. Solid wood is generally rendered from softwood and hardwood, however, engineered wood is rendered from leftover wood specks of dust combining composite materials. It is time to take a look at the distinct types of engineered wood and their different benefits. If you are planning to remodel your home or decorate your house with new furniture pieces then it is the best option to do proper research and proceed with the selection.    

Different Types of Engineered Wood

It is important to acknowledge the different aspects of the engineered wood furniture prior to buying them. Let's take a look at the different types of engineered wood and their features.


As an alternative wood plywood has always been considered as the original type of engineered wood. This type of wood is used for making bed sets to wardrobes, storage chests of drawers to sideboard cabinets. Plywood is created from veneer sheets that are cross-laminated. These sheets are bonded together by means of applying pressure and adhesives that are completely moisture resistant. Many customers are opting for plywoods as they are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. It includes creating structural furniture, interior panelling, creating external applications, rendering effective commercial value. 


Looking forward to building doors, panels, partitions, storage cabinets and shelves in a high-scale urban area within an affordable budget? Blockboard is regarded as one of the go-to materials for posh areas. As one of the favourite materials of engineered wood, blockboard is used for building study tables, dining tables, bookshelf designs and many more. This kind of wood is sturdy; it can be bound together with dissimilar core particles and softwood strips. The furniture designers at Royaloak have many years of experience in creating different pieces of furniture out of distinct materials.         

Furniture manufacturers take reference of thick strips and apply pressure for making a polished surface for furniture making. It is lighter than the other materials like plywood and therefore makes the best framework for distinct large furniture indoors and outdoors. 

Medium Density Fibreboard

Medium-density fibreboard or MDF is another popular furniture material that comes within a small budget. Furniture pieces such as modular kitchen cabinets, bedside tables, coffee tables, and so forth can be built with MDF wood. Owing to its characteristic feature of the dense structure, moisture retention, ability to soak water and resistance to different other weather challenges, it is mostly used for making patio furniture meant for outdoor units. 

The patio furniture includes chair lounges, outdoor chairs, small patio storage spaces and many more. MDF wood is created by breaking soft and hardwood into smaller pieces and binding together the smaller particles using resin and wax resulting in larger furniture structures.


Particleboard is one of the most eco-friendly furniture materials. It is the most budget-friendly material made from pressing together sawdust, wood shavings, and several other particles that may get wasted if not used for recycling. There are chances that this type of material can expand with extreme humid exposure and conditions. For making the study table furniture created with particle board last long, one can paint it with a thick layer and enjoy its company. 

High Density Fibreboard

Among the popular furniture material lies another significant form of engineered wood. This is created from pulped wood waste as well as wood chips. HDF is the most commonly known high density fibreboard, is quite durable and is a renowned engineered wood furniture type. It is created by adding oil for producing a smooth surface and a polymer. As it absorbs water, it cannot be used for making exterior furniture designs but always opted for making indoor furniture pieces such as dressers, sideboard cabinets, shoe racks, dining designs and many others. 

Final Thoughts

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