Amazing Decorating Ideas for Long and Narrow Living Room

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Does your living room look like a long hallway? Generally, the hardest part is getting the right dimensions that suit the style preferences and needs. However, it can be a difficult task to set up furniture against the walls in a long and narrow living room. However, with some clever and sensible ideas, one can open up the space for accommodating more usable furniture into the room. The way of achieving that comfortable and cosy feeling will require some wise furniture tasks. In this blog, we will lay before the effective ways through which one can make the most use of the living space.

Segregating The Living Space

The lounge area can be divided to form two separate areas. This separation will create an illusion visually of wide room space. In one area of this room, one can create a sofa section where you can place the sofa set of urban design against the walls. This will add enhancement to the living space and also render it functional by providing a comfy sitting arrangement for family and friends and also guests. 

In this situation, a sofa cum bed serves as a functional furniture product that can become the centrepiece of the lounge area and can also turn to bed while guests or relatives stay there overnight. This space division is mandatory as you need to prepare your mind set for unexpected visitors. By keeping this mind set, you can set up furniture items in your living area.

Creating A Smooth Pathway

If you have a long lengthy area through the room, then you can create a curved pathway by making way through long walls for your furniture and segregating the space into individual seating areas. For one part, you can place a chair and sofa on the opposite sides of the room and then put the lounge chair by putting an angle towards facing the modern sofa. 

The sensible planning of the lounge area will not only leave more space for other furniture materials but also becomes the heart of the home. For the other part, one can angle the two armchairs and put a small coffee table in a corner. With the help of this division into two zones, the living space appears to give a maximized area look and also create the easy flow of movement through the living room area. 

By Forming A Straight Walkway

When it's a narrow room, it is difficult to create a walking pathway. Through some sensible planning, you can create a closed environment without creating a walkway from the middle of a set of furniture. By pushing the leather sofa against the wall and keeping two chairs facing towards the sofa near to it, you can create a clear walkway behind the chairs on the opposite long wall of the space. In this way, one can create a maximized space illusion. 

Keep Furniture Away From Walls and Use the Middle of Space

One of the main aspects of a long-living area is you need to put the furniture set up in the middle of the lounge area. This concept goes well for rooms where it is not possible to create two different sections. This is quite ideal as you place the dominant furniture towards the centre of the lounge area. For instance, one can place the coffee table and sofa in the middle, and to one side of the wall, place a TV cabinet. You can also place small display cases as well as tall bookshelves if you have space. When furniture is pushed against the wall, it lays stress on the length of the living area space. Thus, placing them in the central area leaves enough space for a walkthrough behind the chairs and sofa set, while you can sit comfortably in your living room. 

L Shaped Sitting Area Arrangement 

As you create an L-shape or U-shape sitting arrangement, the first thing that comes to mind is what complements the corner shape lounging area. Sofa and recliners have always had an impact on the entire look of your living room. Any oversized furniture should not be selected otherwise you will have very little space left for other stuff.      

For this kind of narrow and long living room areas, one can consider selecting a corner sofa. When you have a restricted or limited space left, then there are options that you place an L-shaped sofa in the L-shaped sitting area and make the most use of the living room. As you choose the right kind of sofa cleverly for your room, you can have space left for small pieces of furniture.     

Make Use of Storage Space

When it comes to the narrow and long living room decorating ideas, then you need to keep in mind the storage. The concept of creating a comfortable and cosy living room with lounging sittings is put forward to make sure that all the other things are in their place. As you have clutters spread all over the living area, it will not only make the room overcrowded but also small. Thus, it is significant to include some furniture products that have dual usability and storage functions. 

Entertainment Unit

A living room remains incomplete without the entertainment unit. The entertainment space can be achieved by a TV unit having storage drawers or cabinets. The storage spaces work well for magazines, keeping remotes, small books, game controllers, and several other items. In this way, one can also keep a corner table that has storage options and therefore serves dual functionality.  


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