All About Beds!


After the tiredness of the entire working day, the cosiness of your bed is the ultimate comfort zone that your mind looks forward to. The bedroom furniture is the most significant part of every household as individuals spend the third of their lives there. For a relaxing and peaceful sleep, you need to choose top-quality beds that can improve the quality of your lifestyle and give you a comforting sleep. Though the choice of bed, be it a designer bed or otherwise depends on the type of decor your home has and the lifestyle you are maintaining, a quality bed with explicit advantages that can be the right fit for your needs.   

Bed In Terms of Size

There are different beds in terms of size such as king size beds, double bed, queen size bed, single bed and many more. The choice of bed in terms of size also depends on certain other undeniable factors. The major factor that determines the bed choices are the space availability of a bedroom. If your bedroom is large, then you can place a royal king size bed that can change the entire decor of the room. However, if you have a smaller space, then it is up to you to place a queen-size or foldable kind of bed in it. 

Bed In Terms of Functionality

Distinct ranges of bedroom furniture are available depending on the functionality that you need. For the purpose of the modern home, different space-efficient beds are in popular demand. Space-saving purposes have led to the advent of foldable beds, sofa cum beds, bunk beds, beds with hydraulic storage, and so forth, which are created to provide space and increased storage capacity.

Different Trending Beds That Are of High Demand 

The 21st century has evinced different modern beds and unique designs employed in it. In this context, it is important to understand the different bed types.

Double bed

A modern double bed design can be an ideal fit for your bedroom. A double bed can turn out to be a splendid furniture item in your bedroom. A double bed design can serve extremely functional purposes for more stretching and providing more space for relaxing. As a functional as well as an excellent furniture piece, it is a great choice for young couples. Royaloak’s extensive collection of designer bed and double bed are of high-quality materials, finish, and usability. 

Queen size bed

A queen-size bed is smaller than the king size bed in terms of size. These types of beds provide ample space for comfortable sleep and give an appearance of extra space to a bedroom and is a great option for small families. Different types of queen size beds are also available with storage spaces. Thus, you can store blankets, clutters, bed covers, and duvets inside the storage space, making maximum utilisation of the small space.

Single bed

The most economical and highly flexible bed that is the best for bachelors and single individuals are single beds. A single bed offers enough space in the room for other furniture items. The easily movable option makes it highly flexible for the user to shift it anywhere they want. A single bed goes well with a foam mattress thereby providing a highly comfortable night sleep experience. Royaloak is the best furniture brand in India that provides effective bedroom furniture to customers across the country.

Beds With Storage

The beds with storage provide the option of using the space underneath the bed, as a storage space that can be effectively used for storing blankets, comforters, extra bed linens, and other clutter. For a bedroom, with a king size or queen size bed, with storage option can be a great space saver. If you have a small space room then you can also opt for a double bed hydraulic storage.  

Beds without Storage

Some people prefer open space underneath their bed and for them, beds without storage are a great fit. These types of beds are easy to move around & manage and also provide ample space beneath the bed which you can clean and keep well-maintained. There are times when dust particles and dirt accumulate underneath the bed. This is not the scenario with this kind of bed as you can easily remove and clean dirt. A queen size bed without storage perfectly finds its place in a small family or a newly married couple’s apartment.

Hydraulic Beds

Nowadays, it has been a rising trend to choose hydraulic lift up storage beds for modern urban homes. Hydraulic beds come with extensive storage options that enable storage space under the bed platform incoherent to the actual width and length of the bed. The space acts as an additional cupboard in the bedroom. The hydraulic lift up bed design is the best element comprising sliding storage drawers. 

Bunk Bed

In a mess, dormitory settings, for kids rooms, and paying guest rooms, bunk beds have become commonplace. A great option to explore and make the most of space occupied by beds, this type of beds are an excellent choice. The beds are vertically designed for kids to provide opportunities for a creative space. The bunk beds for kids along with adults are getting popular gradually. As more people are exploring wooden and engineered wood bed designs, they also look at the functionality of the bed designs. For instance, this kind of bed designs are of Western origin and hold its own value. As your kids can sleep in their bunk, you can enjoy your ultimate good night’s sleep as well. 

Final Conclusion

Are you on the lookout for bed designs that can suit your decor? Every person dreams of an urban modern home with sleek bedroom decor. This can be well achieved with Royaloak furniture India. Royaloak is the leading furniture brand in India that provides superior furniture designs and items all across India. They provide bedroom furniture to living room furniture, office furniture to WFH furniture, we have expertise in manufacturing and selling furniture items to customers. 


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