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Stylish Lounge Chairs And Accent Chairs

It is important for us, in these current times to make good use of our time for relaxation when we can. This is not just a lifestyle choice for people but has become a necessary part of the culture. Companies all around the world expect productivity, and this requires a good time management schedule from each employee. Even the people that do non-traditional jobs are affected by this, as almost every profession has become demanding. This is where leisure time and relaxation comes in. While it may not seem like it, the environment of the house and it's outdoors affect a lot when it comes to such activities. Seating and sleeping furniture in particular like the lounge chair are known to affect body postures and choosing them wisely will help a person in the long term.

Lounge chairs are also called “easy chairs” and are commonly used for the purpose of leisure activities. They can be commonly used to sit and read books, watch movies, help relax in the outdoors or even take a nap. It is designed to mould itself to all of these processes depending on the circumstances and the desires of the user. Accent chairs on the other hand act as chairs that can “accentuate” or extend your main sofa, bed, or other furniture pieces in a room. They can also be easily used alone as comfortable seating instruments. Both Lounge and accent chairs are also very beautiful home decor elements and are available in many different designs.

The types of Lounge and accent chairs

There are many types of what are popularly called easy chairs. A suitable number of such chairs are essential to increase comfort in one’s house. The lounge chairs are more suited to outdoor use and are used near swimming pools or around natural greenery, and are made of tougher materials. The accent chair is the term referred to for special indoor chairs that act as extensions for the popular wooden sofa or even being a standalone chair that will be comfortable on its own.

Folding lounge chair

This is the lounge chair that is mostly used for outdoor relaxation purposes. They are also made of stronger materials to combat the outdoor environment and are resistant to both temperature and humidity changes. They are available in both cushioned or hard rest form. The cushioned folding chair is more comfortable than the other version. The foldable balcony chair often uses materials like teakwood, jute and fabric combinations for structural integrity and design requirements. It may or may not come with a footrest.


This is a type of accent chair that is mostly used indoors and comes in various designs. As the name suggests, the armchairs have thick and large armrests with usually angled backs to help one support themselves while relaxing. The cushioning differs between various designs. The armchair is usually wider than the lounge chairs and is made of natural or composite engineering wood. The armrests are usually not adjustable but this is not much required as cushioning provides enough adjustment. The armchair is one of the most used types of accent chairs in the world.

Wingback accent chair

The wingback accent chairs are another type of accent chair that is found indoors. It may come with a footrest. Its name comes from the fact that it has wings that protrude out of its back that covers the user’s back portion and this is especially useful in winter conditions. The wingback accent chairs are smaller than the traditional wingback chair which is larger and not that comfortable.

Indoor lounger

This is a type of lounge chair that is made to be used indoors. It comes with normal height and width but usually has the back angled slightly more than normal chairs that are used in the living room. Indoor lounge chairs usually come with what is known as an ottoman. An ottoman is a footrest that is cushioned significantly almost as much as the chair itself. It helps the user relax in a comfortable position in the said chair.

Apart from the above usual types, there are experimental designs of lounge and accent chairs such as those that do not have backrests and act more like a large couch actually increasing the comfort levels for many users. 

Advantages of lounge chairs and accent chairs

There are many advantages to having a lounge chair in one’s home. People of all age groups can use this item, and accent chairs, in particular, are very advantageous when guests arrive at your house on special occasions. Following is a list of many such advantages when it comes to having such stylish furniture.

Most lounge chairs are built by strong materials which are resistant to most human environments. Engineered wood and composites are used, with a combination of metal segments for legs and joints.
No extra cushioning elements are usually needed when it comes to these types of chairs. The cushioning elements are added in the manufacturing process and require little to no maintenance issues.
Most balcony chairs are convertible and made to be very lightweight. This is in accordance with the varied uses they are supposedly designed to fulfil.
They are available in various sizes, and for a variety of purposes. Multi-purpose chairs are now popular. 
By correctly choosing the lounge chair, one can maximize the comfort in the house while increasing the decorative potential of the house.


It is important to properly rest after work, and this is exemplified especially in our culture which demands hours of continuous work from its people. The more relaxed one is, the more they can be healthy and productive. Living room chairs are one of the vital things that help in this regard. The outdoor furniture items are the most helpful, as they help one to bend in with the environment. RoyalOak is an Indian furniture retailer that sells all kinds of furniture online. They also have unique collections of furniture from around the world. They sell the best lounge chair and accent chairs and offer free delivery and installation policies.

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