A Complete Guide To Choose The Right Almirah For Master Bedroom


A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Almirah For Master Bedroom

Among the varied furniture that occupies significant space in the bedroom, a wardrobe is the most important part of your bedroom decor. A wardrobe is that section of the bedroom that forms the master storage furniture for managing clothing, suits, and many other attires. In a bedroom, there are chances that you might create a mess with clothes scattered around, bags at the side of the bedroom, socks playing hide and seek, and much more. This is not the scenario if you have the perfect wardrobe in your master bedroom. The storage furniture helps to declutter the room and leave more space for a breathable and liveable room. 

In this blog, we will delineate the ultimate guide to selecting the right wardrobe for your bedroom. There are various elegant designs of cupboards and drawers that will offer an amazing look to your space. However, while choosing wardrobe, you need to consider both the aesthetic factors and functional value of the almirah. Beginning from measuring the space to measuring the storage area to install the almirah, all things need to be considered before choosing the right wardrobe furniture.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Almirah

The wardrobe is generally made out of iron, wood, steel, and fibre. Different materials need different kinds of maintenance and therefore, the material of the almirah is another aspect to consider. Among the various types of almirah, the traditional wooden wardrobe gives the classy look to the urban home decor. Wooden furniture is durable and has longevity. Therefore, during the primordial time, solid wood of Sheesham, oak, Mahogany, and Teak is used for furniture making.  

Modern Design of Wardrobe

While selecting the furniture for the bedroom, make sure that it matches the decor as well as must complement the decor of the bedroom. Are you going to select a modern wardrobe design.Then Royaloak is the best one-stop solution for all furniture collections. From elegant Indian wardrobe designs to international almirah collections of America, German, Turkish, Italian, Malaysian, Vietnam, and Emperor collections, Royaloak has a complete assortment of wardrobe furniture of all designs at unbeatable prices. 

Consider The Space 

Prior to purchasing an almirah, one needs to consider the things that you will place in it, additionally, you need to keep in mind the space needed for the wardrobe and the available space in your room. There are times when you may have only a little space left therefore, it is important to measure the size, space, and dimension of the available space that is meant for installing the wardrobe. Similarly, the space inside a room is equally important to the space inside the wardrobe. Some almirah designs come with drawers and cupboards making it easier for storing pieces of jewellery, accessories, hair clips, and much more. Apart from this, the wardrobe’s important sections include lockers provision, hangers, rails, and sectional compartments for segregating essentials.

Size and Colour of Wardrobe

The size of the wardrobe, as well as the colour, should be incoherent with the size and colour of the room. If you have an urban large bedroom setup, then it goes well with a modern wardrobe design. In a large bedroom, a small wardrobe can be one of the odd ones out. Similarly, a large wardrobe in a small bedroom takes more space and leaves no space for other furniture like a dressing table. In a small spaced bedroom, it is always a wise concept to opt for a Wardrobe design with a dressing table. One can also contrast the colour of the wardrobe with that of the interior bedroom decor. This will give a chic look to the entire bedroom decor. 

Amazing Almirah Designs for Bedroom

Are you looking for sliding door wardrobes? Do you need walk-in storage with lofts? In this context, we have put together a number of stunning wardrobe designs.

Classic Wardrobe Designs

This type of wardrobe is stylish and modern panelled with shutters that have a white closet matching the dresser. It comprises drawers for storing jewellery, accessories, essentials and small things. Therefore, one can access the drawers separately.

Straight Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe is sophisticated and has minimalist designs. The main feature of this almirah is simple straight lines that denote utilitarianism. The almirah comes in an affordable range with a dual-toned interior that gives an elegant and sleek look to the design.

Contemporary Wardrobe Genre

When it comes to minimalist design and sleek approaches, a contemporary style of almirah having serene opulence, sliding shutters, and the chest of cupboards is what matters. The modern minimalist wardrobe designs are worthy of the contemporary themed interiors. 

The Urban Chic

The urban chic almirah is among the modern wardrobe designs that provide complete cover from floor to ceiling sliding acrylic doors for storing the clothes. It features Scandinavian style shelving as well as the hanger spaces that hold entire sets or accessories and outfits together. 

Mirrored Wardrobe

Wardrobes comprising mirrors integrated into the door design have become popular in the present generation. A complete selection of materials has played a significant role in their place in Indian home decor. The horizontal lines of the wardrobe panel are reflected in the padded wall. 

Loft Bed with Storage

If you have a compact bedroom, then the best option is to opt for a sofa cum bed so that it serves the functional value of sofa seating as well as the bed. While a loft bed around the storage spaces at both sides becomes useful. This is a minimalist theme with a sleek design that enhances the aesthetic beauty of the bedroom. 


Vignettes are a popular choice of many youngsters among which the combination of yellow and white never deter from making a significant impact. Alongside the wardrobe can be placed study cabinets and study table, therefore, serving the dual functional value of study room and bedroom. 


Along with neatly defined spaces, the wardrobe is designed keeping in consideration the luxury of storing pantsuits, hat boxes, long gowns, and many more. Thus, it comprises long and horizontal drawers for blazers and coats. You can have rich opulence in your bedroom.

Final Conclusion 

Wardrobe designs can vary from time to time depending on colour, material, trend, and style, however, one thing that remains constant is the functional value of almirah. Royaloak is the largest furniture brand in India that offers high-quality furniture throughout India and its different states. From offering quality furniture to delivering on time, Royaloak is the most preferred choice of most Indians who like international furniture collections at an unbeatable price. 

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