10 Apartment Living Room Ideas for A Cozy Living Space

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A rainy day, curled up on the couch with a blanket. A steaming mug of coffee. Your favourite TV show running in the background. Sounds like a cozy day, doesn’t it? A living room can be the soul of a house with the right apartment living room décor. Cozy doesn’t necessarily have to be a feeling, but your flat’s hall interior design can exude comfort. It’s all in the plug and play that you choose to make a space inviting. Here are 10 apartment living room ideas, from Victorian to Indian-style living rooms that can instantly feel comforting.

Pay attention to colour
The basic apartment living room idea to get cozy and cuddly lies in the colour scheme you choose. From the wall paint to the furniture and accessories you add, colours are a major contributor to the feel of a hall interior design in a flat. Choose warm colours like earthy tones and subdued taupe for an obvious warm feeling. Coupled with dark, upholstered couches and wooden furnishings like a center table or side stools, your apartment living room décor can instantly feel intimate and alluring.

Get creative with layering
Nothing says cozy like a layered flat hall interior design. This is a classic Victorian-era move wherein different textures, curtains, cushions and throws create a snug space. Get indulgent with fluffy pillows, ottomans, soft throws and layered curtains for a cuddly feel. Make sure you match the colours though so it doesn’t end up looking too outlandish.

Add carpets and floor rugs
One of the best apartment living room ideas for a warm and fuzzy feel is to add carpets and floor rugs. A fuzzy carpet can feel wondrous against your feet and can be perfect at the foot of a plush, upholstered or leather couch. Imagine curling up with your back against a sofa or a cabinet and reading away to glory on a rainy day!

Embrace ottomans
Consider trading a classic center table for a plush, oversized ottoman. They can work so well to cuddle up in, prop your feet up on or even hold up a tray. Royaloak’s rectangular button-tufted ottoman with storage can be a great place to hoard books and trinkets apart from being a cozy addition to your hall interior design in a flat.

Create distinct spaces
If you want to bring in a snug feeling to a large living room, the best way to do that is to create distinct spaces. For instance, you can add a chaise against one wall with fluffy cushions to create a reading corner. Or, add two single seaters with a coffee table in between for a two-person intimate space within your larger apartment living room décor. From creating a workspace or reading space to a chilling corner, there are so many different apartment living room ideas you can play around with.

Bring the outdoors inside
Tall, potted plants in a living room can automatically usher in warmth and pleasantness. Add them in sunny corners to create an eco-friendly flat hall interior design. You can also pile pinecones on a corner shelf or place fresh flowers in the living room for a more earthy feel.

Include a bookshelf in your apartment living room décor
There’s something inviting about books, isn’t there? Why restrict books to the bedroom or a study? Dedicate an entire wall or at least a considerable portion of your living room to books. This can automatically create a cozy feeling without trying too hard. You can add a single seater or a recliner near the bookshelf for a snug reading corner!

Get comfy with an Indian style living room
Indian style home décor can be just as cozy as a Victorian apartment living room idea. Add diwans, bolsters with Indian style home décor like cushion covers, desi wall art, and traditional carpets. This is one way to get luxurious as well as snug with a single theme.

Make it personal
Another apartment living room idea to get cozy and snug is to make it as personal as possible. Family photos on walls or on top of large tables and cabinets can add an intimate feeling right away. Introduce trinkets from travels or family heirlooms to make the space more appealing. Plus, they’d make for great stories when you cozy up with friends and relatives.

Light it up
If you’ve heard of the Danish term hygge, you’ll instantly connect with this feeling of coziness. An essential part of Danish apartment living room décor is soft lights and candles. Especially during night time, the right lights can transform your living room. Add dim-lit lampshades; in an Indian style living room, bring in lanterns to cozy up the space. 

There’s No One Way to Be Cozy

There are several ways and apartment living room ideas that can make the space comforting. These are just some tips to get you started. With Royaloak’s bespoke furniture and furnishings, you can have the living room of your dreams in no time and at a very reasonable price.

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